The Best Welsh Foods to Try

The Best Welsh Foods to Try

In the North of Wales there are many dishes and foods that you may not be familiar with. In this blog, we are looking at the best Welsh foods to try in North Wales. Some of the best include Welsh rarebit, Welsh faggots, Glamorgan sausages, Conwy mussels and lamb cawl. We look into a few of these in a little more detail.

Food in Wales

There are plenty of food options in Wales, but we should start with some of the favourites. The first is Rarebit. It’s always delicious and you can find it on breakfast menus all over Wales. Next, we have faggots, which are meatballs made from ground pork sausage meat and herbs. They’re usually served with potatoes or mashed potatoes as an accompaniment.

Conwy Mussels

A delicious dish, one of their most well-known and popular dishes in Restaurants Conwy is Conwy mussels. As with most dishes that come from Wales, it’s traditionally made in an iron pot or stovetop cooker on an open fire. It is usually served with bread and sometimes accompanied by drinks such as beer or wine.

The mussels are fresh from the Conwy Estuary, where they get their uniquely delicious taste from the mix of saltwater and freshwater.

What is Cawl?

Welsh Cawl is usually made with potatoes, leeks, cabbage, carrots and beef. It’s said that you can make cawl in any season with any vegetables available. The vegetables are often boiled first before being added to the meat broth base and cooked for hours. Variations of cawl also include mutton or lamb. It’s a must try!

What is Welsh Rarebit?

A Welsh rarebit is an open sandwich made with buttered bread and grated or melted cheese, usually Welsh cheddar. The name comes from Welsh Rabbit – as, in the past, when they couldn’t manage to hunt a rabbit, they would eat this instead!

Where can I try Welsh food?

Welsh cuisine is distinctive and largely based on meats and vegetables sourced locally in Wales. There are few ready-made dishes in traditional Welsh cooking and most cooking is done from scratch. A favourite dish on any menu would be lamb cawl, but there are many more dishes to try as well, such as bacon brych or Anglesey Eggs. You can also find dishes like Glamorgan sausages that are traditionally made with leeks and cheese. This is an idea of what’s on offer at local restaurants.

There are lots of eateries around North Wales that serve food either from specific regions of Wales or types of food. If you want to check out some reviews before you go, just have a look at TripAdvisor for some reviews of places people have been recommending to other travellers.

Evelyn Wagner