Why Are Pasture-raised Chicken Preferred Globally?

Why Are Pasture-raised Chicken Preferred Globally?

Meat is unanimously consumed all over the world be it chicken, beef, pork, or other meat substances. There are two types of poultry system that we have currently, pasture-raised poultry and free-range poultry. There’s a great difference between chicken raised outdoors in the open air on pastures and chickens raised in a big warehouse with one door to the outside. Where one is considerate and looks for the betterment of the animals, the other one is cruel and inhumane. 

Those big grocery outlets claiming to have “free-range” organic pasture-fed chickens are far from the reality of real free-range chicken. Real free-range chicken is usually entirely pasture-raised. Once you think about the way those flocks of birds living in those big warehouses, you cannot imagine what it feels like there. The small area is cramped with hundreds of birds, willing to get out. The whole area becomes covered with bird manure and wild plants growing everywhere, harming the birds. Thus pasture-raised chickens have widely preferred over warehouse raised chickens. Here are a few reasons to back it up.

  • It’s better for the animal: Meat production is efficient, inexpensive, and consistent because of agricultural industrialization but it also comes with making the safety of these animals a less priority than their business. In pasture-raised farms, chickens are hatched to scratch and peck and roam freely, which makes them healthy and good for human consumption.
  • It’s better for the people: Employees in pasture-raised farms have to wear many different hats and gloves and these types of systems regularly push employees to invest more time in ethical and organic farming. The more love that is put into farming yields healthier chickens. 
  • It’s better for the land: Animals can positively impact their surroundings and pasture-raised farms are well-known to take advantage of that. They use animals like tools to disrupt the soil, speed up the process of photosynthesis, and fertilize the soil with their faecal matters. With the animals consuming fresh grass and not injections, the meat achieved is of superior quality.
  • Healthy animals means healthy meat: Chickens are omnivorous rather than the popular belief of them being herbivorous. Thus free chicken keeps a check on insects and rodents and thus resulting in a higher quality of meat. Researches have shown that animals raised in a pasture-fed environment yield meat that is lower in fats and calories. 

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Matthew P. Rudolph