One must always be mindful of food wastage since many people around the world starve to death every day. The food you decide to throw away could be better utilized. But at times, due to improper packaging and storage, food gets spoiled and goes to waste. Wastage is a common phenomenon, especially in western countries. But following a few simple steps, you can increase the shelf life of vegetables and frozen goods. While it comes to preserving meat, there are multiple methods you can apply to avoid wastage. 

Put The Meat In Freezer: Freezing meat is one of the most common methods of preserving meat. People were first hunters and gatherers before they learned growing things. When they hunted animals and couldn’t eat them in one go, they used ice to preserve the meat. Therefore, freezing food is nothing new to the modern world of technology. However, at present, you have better access to freezing facilities that let you preserve meat for longer. 

  • Be sure to clean the raw meat before freezing. There can be various bacteria on the meat surface that can be easily removed if cleaned with water. 
  • Cut the meat in smaller chunks and put them in plastic bags, containers before putting them in the freezer. 

Dehydrate: Many people don’t know the method of dehydration, while others think that only fruits can be dehydrated. However, specific meat dehydrators are available in the market that helps dehydrate meat better and faster. The truth is, if you have a food dehydrator in your home, you can simply put meat slices in the machine and get dehydrated meat. Once you dehydrate meat chunks or slices, you can store them in a glass container and use them over a long period. You can even make your homemade bacon by dehydrating meat slices. 

Buy Less: Many people lose their decision-making ability when they see the ‘sales’ sign in the supermarket. They believe just because something is on sale, buying the item more and more will help them save a lot of money. But in reality, most of the excess food goes to waste. If the aim is to waste less, you must learn to purchase less as well. There is no point in buying a lot of meat if you can’t consume them without wasting it. Instead, purchasing less quantity of meat will cost you less and make you more mindful about your consumption. 

Distribute: There might be a time when you have to finish off your stored meat. You can organize a party and invite your friends, family for dinner. Throwing a party is a smart way to utilize all the meat in the freezer without wasting them. If there is food left, you can ask your friends to take some with them and eat later. You may even visit the homeless center and donate the cooked/uncooked food as a charity. Donating your excess food to charity is a win-win situation for both you and the unfortunate souls who do not have access to healthy meals. 


Clare Louise

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