Morning Glory Makes for the Most Sumptuous Thai Dish, Here’s Why

Morning Glory Makes for the Most Sumptuous Thai Dish, Here’s Why

Popularly termed as Pad Pak Boong Fai Daeng, Thai morning glory stir fry is a delicious Thai cuisine that is served as a famous side dish. However, the dish is also served alongside jasmine rice, for lunch or dinner. The dish can be cooked within a few minutes and requires only about 7 ingredients. No wonder why Thai morning glory is looked upon as the easy Thai cooking, which is also loaded with taste.

Effortlessly Easy Method of Cooking Morning Glory

The recipe requires no lengthy cooking procedures and or special techniques to get cooked. All you need is to ace the dish in two slices with the help of a knife, bashes with the help of pestle and mortar and you can easily prepare to stir fried morning glory. The recipe might not comprise of any meat but requires oyster sauce and fish for the preparation. 

Morning Glory: All About It

While the term morning glory is an offensive word back in the UK, it is a vegetable that we are talking about here. A semi-aquatic plant, morning glory is a native that belongs to South East Asia. The vegetable is known by a plethora of names and its name is determined by the country that you live in. Some of the popular names are:

  • River Spinach
  • Chinese Spinach
  • Water Spinach
  • Water Spinach

The recipe is termed Pak Boong, in Thailand.

Morning Glory A Vegetable

Morning glory is a vegetable that comprises incredibly-tender and hollow shoots. The stems of the p [lant grow as tall as 2-3 and are topped by spinach-leaves like leaves. In case you haven’t tasted morning glory in the past, spinach would be the closes comparison. The morning glory in contrast with spinach has longer and thicker stalks.

Like spinach, morning glory is easy Thai cooking, and all you need to prepare it is flash frying. No wonder, why morning glory is the quickest Thai dish that doesn’t need you to prepare it for long. 

Morning glory exists in multiple versions across Asian countries, but this recipe of stir fried morning glory is simply the best. 

Where Can You Buy Morning Glory?

Morning glory can be purchased from your local Asian market or store. In case you do not find them there, you can always place your order for it. Try searching the online markets as well. The online suppliers sell a variety of Thai ingredients. The online food stores also feature some exciting ingredients that will upgrade your easy Thai cooking, including morning glory stir fry. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy cooking morning glory. It is undoubtedly one of the best Thai dishes that you would love to have.

Matthew P. Rudolph