It’s time to head to a restaurant that will increase your energy levels through nutrition

It’s time to head to a restaurant that will increase your energy levels through nutrition

You and a couple of friends sit down during the lunch break at work and once again observe a colleague who has become the centre of attention in the canteen. He can certainly graft as he seems to be as fresh at knocking off time as when he arrives.

He is also a good eater, putting away good sized meals. Its his food that gets plenty of comments, and it’s time to ask him all about them. He reveals that he gets his food from one of the restaurants in Maryborough and they are the reason behind his stamina.


He explains that the meals are full of nutrients. Nutrition improves the immune system which is the body’s defence against disease. Minimally processed ingredients are abundant in vitamins and minerals, and they are filling. He says that since he began to eat fresh, organic products his mood has improved along with his fitness and energy levels.

Great for mental health

Your colleague made the brave admission that he’d previously faced struggles with his mental health, and he needed to do something about it. He was eating unhealthily, but fortunately the love of a good woman got him back on track by taking him to the restaurant and introduced him to the healthy menu. He says that his new attitude even saw him finding tips to successfully shop at a farmer’s market.

No reduction in size

What surprised you all was the size of the meals. You assumed that healthy eating meant minimally sized meals and lettuce. Yes, he occasionally brought in a salad but his pesto pasta, and Mexican chicken salads looked hearty and delicious. He was kind enough to offer you a taste of his spinach and cheese roll, something that you would have previously turned your nose up at, but it was delicious and full of flavour.

Looks are deceptive

What completely threw you was meals like a beef burger, and Thai chicken pie, as well as butter chicken with rice, and a peri peri chicken burger. Surely they would be fattening, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All his meals were so packed full of nutrition that they fed him with energy to burn off the calories. One thing that was certainly not deceptive was that it was beautiful in appearance and taste. It stoked him up to enjoy quality weekend times with his lady in a nearby national park.


The restaurant delivered the meals to his door fresh, so that he could pop them in the fridge until later, when he would microwave them for 3 minutes. Alternatively, he could freeze them, which he did with some for later in the week. He also took advantage of the organic coffee on offer and the range of sweets and deserts.

To conclude

Your eyes have been opened thanks to a healthy colleague, and you and your friends will also be heading to a restaurant guaranteeing beautiful meals which will also improve your health and increase energy.

Venus Danold