Tips on Successfully Shopping at Farmers Market

Tips on Successfully Shopping at Farmers Market

Purchasing produce at an Apple Valley farmers market is not the same as simply picking them up in grocery aisles. Unlike your typical supermarket, you must consider several factors if you want to shop there successfully. Deciding to get ingredients for your next meal at an Apple Valley market can be intimidating for first-timers, so we put together this guide to help you out.

Plan Meals in Advance

Before you travel to the farmers market, we advise you to plan your next meals so you’ll know what ingredients to buy. The produce you will encounter changes depending on the availability, so it is good you consider the next factor, too.

Be Aware of Seasonal Crops

As mentioned earlier, not all types of fruits and vegetables are always available on farmer markets since their availability is significantly influenced by the current season and geography. You will unlikely encounter summer cropslike melon during the fall, while there may be year-round produce such as apples and potatoes. You can research helpful seasonal produce guides online to see what you can purchase during specific times of the year.

Bring Cash

Modernized pay is often transacted digitally, and some may use credit cards. But most farmers markets still transact using cash and may be unable to accept other methods. Though some vendors may be willing to use cards or a digital wallet, cash is still the most favorable mode of payment.

Use your Bags

When shopping in a farmers market, keep in mind to bring some durable canvasbags with you for convenience. Vendors may put your purchased goods in plastic or paper bags, but these might tear and spill your crops all over the ground. You do not want to be inconvenienced with grabbing vegetables on the floor or chasing after your fruits rolling away, so take big, strong bags.

Arrive Early or Late

Arriving either late or early hasits respective benefits when shopping in farmers markets. When you come by early, the market won’t be as crowded, and you can have the chance to obtain the best quality goods. Meanwhile, arriving late also has fewer crowds, and if there is still an abundance of produce, vendors would want to get rid of them by giving discounted prices.

Do note that some farmers markets may have rules against end-of-day discounts.

Don’t just Go for Produce

Fruits and vegetables are not the only products you will see in a farmers market. Consider visiting stalls selling freshly baked goods, handicrafts, cheeses, meats, poultry, and candies you may not find in any other store.

Shopping in a farmers market can be a fun experience, and it can get even better. Town’s End Stillhouse is committed to the local community’s top crafts and goods. Plus, we even offer to host music of all genres to make your shopping a one-of-a-kind experience. Visit us at Apple Valley, California.

Venus Danold