5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Beach Restaurants In Singapore For Birthday Party

People celebrate their birthdays in many different ways. Some celebrate it at home with family, while others throw a party at their chosen charity. Some treat themselves to a vacation abroad. But the most common way to celebrate is to dine in a restaurant. If you want to upgrade this, you might want to choose beach restaurants in Singapore.

A Siloso beach restaurant can offer you good food, a picturesque view, and a forever summer ambience. But choosing the right beach restaurant for your birthday party is not easy. You have to consider several factors.

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a beach bar in Singapore as a party venue:

1. Point of transportation

We all know that beach restaurants in Singapore are harder to reach than regular bars in the heart of the city. Therefore, the birthday celebrant must consider the nearest transportation points at the venue.

Is the Sentosa restaurant in Singapore near train and bus stations? Can taxis reach the place? Is it within walking distance of the highway? This way, you can ensure your guests arrive efficiently and get home safely.

2. Parking space

Of course, you also have the guests bringing their car. The next thing you should consider is the parking space. Remember, besides the guests, regular restaurant patrons also need parking space. Ensure that your chosen Sentosa brunch place has enough parking space for your guests.

Some restaurants agree to reserve several of their parking spaces during your period, so it is crucial to know beforehand how many guests will bring their cars. That way, the restaurants know how many parking spaces they will reserve.

3. Food

Expect beach restaurants in Singapore to offer lots of seafood, after all, they are by the beach. But beware, there are people allergic to shellfish. It is crucial to know your guests have specific dietary restrictions. It is also helpful to have alternative food on the menu for people following diet restrictions.

4. Seating capacity

If you are renting an entire Sentosa restaurant in Singapore for a party, you should consider seating capacities. Some restaurants can accommodate 20 to 30 people.

If your guests will not reach that number, some restaurants will reserve you a couple of long tables instead and share the place with regular restaurant patrons.

5. Booking date

As much as possible, book a few weeks before your desired birthday to ensure you can get the place. Some restaurants get their schedules full, especially during the peak season.

You will never go wrong if you consider these factors when choosing beach restaurants in Singapore.

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Rana Madanat