Ido Fishman Has Some Legitimate Tips to Help you Cook More

Ido Fishman Has Some Legitimate Tips to Help you Cook More

Do you plan on cooking more this year? It is not all common sense involved when you are cooking. There are a lot of things that you need to consider if you want to get things right, or else you will not be able to succeed. Luckily, Ido Fishman has suggested some legitimate tips that can help everyone cook some more. Let’s check them out below:

  • Stop moving the food in your pan so much. You shouldn’t constantly move the food and stop stirring it if you want it to brown or sear. Allow it to sit until it turns a golden brown. 
  • Only use the wine for cooking that you would drink. Don’t go for wine product that has been enhanced with sugar and additives. It is better to buy boxed or cheap wine and not only will it be inexpensive, but also give you authentic flavor that will not be lost during the cooking process. 
  • Add fresh garlic later than you have been instructed. The Ido Fishman blog will tell you that garlic burns easily, so you can prevent a burnt mess when you add it near the end. 
  • Pat dry the vegetables before you roast them. If you don’t, you will only end up steaming the veggies in the oven. 
  • Ido Fishman recommends that you cut the vegetables before you cut the meat. If you are using the same cutting board for both, this will help in preventing any potential bacteria from the raw meat to contaminate your vegetables. 
  • Don’t walk away from boiling milk. It is tempting to do so, but unless you are willing to start over and scrub the stove for the next 100 years, it is best to stick there. 
  • According to experts like Ido Fishman, you shouldn’t make adjustments to a baking recipe in the first try unless you truly know what you are doing. As opposed to when you are making savory foods, baking needs almost scientific precision. Therefore, it is best not to change anything unless you are aware of the exact consequences. 
  • Allow your meat to rest. A steak fresh off the grill smells amazing, but wait a little while before you cut into it or else all the juices will simply flood onto the plate and you will not be able to enjoy them.
  • Add a bit of olive oil to pasta to prevent it from sticking together. Ido Fishman suggests not to rinse the pasta with cold water because it will remove the starches that help the sauce in sticking to the pasta. 
  • Sharpen all the dull knives you have. There is a good chance you will cut yourself with a dull knife rather than a sharp one. Plus, it requires a lot more effort from you, so it is better to sharpen the knives and it will reduce half of your work. 
  • Don’t use steel wool for scrubbing your cast iron pan. It will only result in scratches and ridges. Instead, Ido Fishman says you should go with a kitchen rag or a bristled brush. 
  • Never microwave aluminum foil. Unless your goal is to start a fire, you shouldn’t make this mistake. 
  • Don’t use a mitt or we towel to take something out of the oven. This will cause the moisture to turn into steam instantly and end up burning you, which you would want to avoid. 
  • Close the door of the oven if a fire starts. Experts like Ido Fishman state that not closing the door is a common mistake. You should remember that leaving the door open gives the fire more oxygen and it can also be caught by things around it. In contrast, closing the oven door will suffocate the fire, which is exactly what you want to achieve. 

Use these legitimate tips and you will be able to avoid a lot of major blunders and mistakes and be able to cook more. 


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