Healthy Instant Pot Low-Fat Rajma Masala

Healthy Instant Pot Low-Fat Rajma Masala

So, are you looking for a high protein meal that is completely vegetarian and low in fat? Well, if yes, then you have landed at the perfect place. As in today’s world where people are trying hard to lose some ground pounds of weight always end up eating high-fat food. But today with the help of we will help you in going you with the best recipe that is full of protein and yet fat-free too.

So, let’s get started and discover the ultimate recipe of low fat and rich in protein rajma pot. This will make you feel full without leaving you hungry for the other half of the day. You can have the instant rajma pot with some rice or chapatti depending on your wish and requirements.

Low-Fat Healthy Rajma Masala

Rajma masala is also popularly known as red kidney beans. It is a very popular curry in the northern part of India. These red kidney beans are simmered in the onion tomato gravy. Mild spices are also added to enhance the taste of this delicious vegetarian curry. The traditional rajma curry is super high in fat and rich in cream. You can add this rajma pot to your weight loss diet too.

Ingredients And Substitute To Make Low-Fat Rajma Pot

  • The Type Of Beans That You Need To Use

There are several varieties of kidney beans available in the market. You will get a wide variety of beans in the market.  The instant rajma pot can be made using light-colored beans and tastes equally good.

  • You Can Also Use The Canned Beans For Lesser Cooking Time

You can use finely chopped onions or onion paste. Later, for the tomatoes to you have two options. Either you can go for puree or you can use the chopped tomatoes. In terms of oil and ghee. You can use anything. But make sure you do not pour loads, else that will make the dish high in terms of fat. Don’t add cream if you are on a weight loss diet. If you really want to maintain an explicit weight loss diet then you should definitely check out the recipes at


So with these substitutes and smart cooking tips you can easily make low-fat rajma pot and enjoy it even n your weight loss diet. Isn’t amazing? So what are you waiting for, get together all the ingredients and start making easy masala rajma instant pot?

Evelyn Wagner