Do You Want To Lose Weight Without Going Crazy?

Do You Want To Lose Weight Without Going Crazy?

For most people, their weight loss journey is characterized by periods of intense feelings of throwing in the towel. Those are the periods when it seems you are going crazy. From our experience in nutrition, the major reason for this is the frustration that comes from sticking to a particular diet and exercising even when you hate to. For the former reason, we recommend that you discuss including vegetables like potatoes in your diet with your doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. Why?

  1. You get to eat safe carbs: As carbs are mostly reduced or taken out of a weight-loss diet, it is indeed refreshing to know that you can safely consume potatoes in your diet with the lowest risk possible. This is because as a carbohydrate, a potato has a lower glycemic index than most other carbs, and it is also great for providing energy for your daily activities without increasing the carbs levels.
  2. They have great taste: You can choose from the hundreds of potato varieties in the world to find the perfect variety with a great taste. Say goodbye to bland meals that leave your taste buds weeping.
  3. They are great for combinations with other foods, spices, and ingredients: Weight loss diets can be fun when you have various healthy ways of combining the foods in the diet. For example, just two slices of baked potato can make a difference in taste in an otherwise bland salad. The best part is that the calorie remains within acceptable limits. Potatoes are also ideal for cheat days when you can eat something different but still healthy.

You should also view the entire weight loss process as a journey that takes time and effort. The right mental conditioning is necessary. Many people eventually feel crazy when they don’t lose noticeable weight within the first months, or during the lag period when it seems like dieting and exercising is futile. The best way to beat this stage is to get enough rest and to constantly yourself why you started –to lose weight and become healthier.

It is also important for you to develop healthy habits such as recreation, rest, and healthy mental activities. If possible, join a physical or online support group. The motivation you will get there can make a huge difference in your attitude during the tough times you are bound to face.

Stay hydrated always and follow the proper nutrition plan.

Clare Louise