The Wonderful World Of Flour: 4 Ways You Can Use Them At Home

You might be someone who has leftover flour from their tempura recipe last weekend or the cupcakes you baked weeks ago. Well, here is the good news: Worrying about them is a waste of time because there are many ways to explore the wonderful world of flour! Explore this list of tasks you can do:


Are you struggling with your stainless countertops or metal pieces in the kitchen? Use your favourite unbleached flour and make a paste by mixing them with equal parts of vinegar and water. After that, clean the surface with a dry cloth and let them rest. (Tip: Test the paste before going all out because it might not be suitable for your item.)


Ants are one of the most annoying things in the kitchen because they affect your items and, sometimes, eat through your food. With this, feel free to sprinkle some, such as leftover whole wheat flour in Singapore, and finally, beat these pesky creatures! Make lines they can never cross.


While this might be a heavily-debated topic for dermatologists and skincare lovers, one cannot deny the beauty of using high fibre or any other flour to create masks and solutions to beat some skin problems. It makes a good base for other natural ingredients, such as honey, to improve your facial health.


What if we tell you it is possible to create arts & crafts with whole grain flour in Singapore that you did not use during your baking session? You can create a modelling clay for exploring little children or shapes with papermache. There are many things you can do!

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Rock Dessauza