Small Portions of Beef With Many Sides: Healthy Japanese Eating

Small Portions of Beef With Many Sides: Healthy Japanese Eating

Have you ever gone out to eat and thought to yourself: “I just want to taste a little” ? If so, you’re in luck. The Japanese, who are known as one of the most health-conscious people on earth, created an amazing restaurant where you can do just that. Located in Tokyo and Yokohama, BEEF KITCHEN STAND (Yakko Dining) offers small portions of beef (50g) as well as various side dishes!

Japanese-born actress Eru Gibson tried their menu and told us about her remarkable experience.

“I ordered 50g of juicy beef steak, French fries, and salad. The beef was heavenly! The sauce and onion added some amazing flavors.”

Eru continued by explaining that eating a small portion of good fat can lead to health benefits.

“It is well known that beef is a great source of vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins (B12, niacin, and riboflavin), iron, and zinc—substantially more so than pig or chicken when it comes to nutrition and health benefits.”

To make things even better, Eru explained that, at BEEF KITCHEN STAND, you can eat 50 grams of beef steak for only 319 yen, which is about $2.13 USD in today’s currency.

“Isn’t it great that you can eat more vegetables and small portions of beef rather than eating too much meat?”

BEEF KITCHEN STAND has perfected the art of creating appetizing side dishes and made it easy to choose between them.

If you are planning to visit Tokyo or Yokohama, we highly recommend to try BEEF KITCHEN STAND !

Eru Gibson

As a science lover, Eru Gibson has written many articles on health. As an actress, she has worked on counterterrorism training programs for both the FBI and LAPD. Her interest in cerebral physiology led her to study brain waves as a student. In her free time, she enjoys eating while thinking about and researching the health benefits of different foods.


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