Master Built 1050 Problems And Solution

Master Built 1050 Problems And Solution

Usually, when we go for using Master Built 1050 we don’t see so many problems. However, sometimes we may fall into some problems and it is not possible for us to solve those problems of our own. At that moment it becomes worrying for us and we may or may not be able to solve the problem and if we can it takes a lot of time to solve. And that’s why you can’t fully enjoy your cooking which is very annoying for you.

There are some common problems and we will identify those problems and we will try to give you ideas to solve them. We know this is a quality grill that may allow you to prepare juicy barbecues. But, the problems are always the things that we don’t want to suffer from. But, you don’t have to worry about it as we are here with our detailed troubleshooting guide about Master Built 1050 Grill which helps to hassle-free cooking and convenient usage. So let’s have a look at the full review given by us.

Master Built 1050 Problems And Solution

In this article, we have included problems and solutions after observing a decent amount of reviews of masterbuilt gravity series 1050 from Amazon.

Overheating Issues and Solution 

This overheating is a problem for first-time smokers. Because the normal temperature of the smoker is 200 to 250 degrees. But some of us go above normal heat like 275 or 295 degrees.

To solve this problem you can get rid of it by turning off the vent. And if the smoker has more than one dial, you can turn off one dial completely and continue smoking with only one dial. And, you can use a water pan and keep the ice cubes in the pan. There will also be other useful methods to avoid the problem of excess temperature by using less fuel in the smoker.

Smoker Is Not Getting Hot Enough 

The only thing you can do to solve this problem is to choose great quality wood chips or pieces like oak or hickory.

In addition, many people soak wood chips so that they do not burn out quickly. But we advise you not to keep the wood wet as it does not allow your smoker to get hot enough. Another reason for the low heat is the smoker’s chip tray. If it is loose from the burner material it is bound to get enough heat in the chips.

So, you can fix this problem by returning to the burner component.

Moreover, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the chip tray and brought it closer to the burner component.

Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Shutting Off

The main reason behind the shutting of the master-built smoker may be its poor control system. So the best solution for this problem is to change the thermostat heat control. Also, make sure that any of its wires are loose.

Fan Not Working properly 

Check if fan blade has come loose, which may be causing fan to become ineffective & make strange sounds. Check if oven fan is covered with grease & muck from cooking. Giving oven fan good cleaning may solve problem.

Cleaning Issues 

We will suggest you clean your smoker thoroughly after each use which will help to increase the effectiveness of your smoker and make it last longer. Learn how to properly clean a master built electric smoker so that you don’t put yourself in any trouble. It will also reduce the hassle of your smoker with temperature issues. You can use mild dish detergent to clean used wood chip trays, drip pans, drip pans, water bowls, racks, and trays. Then wash them well with clean water and let them dry. Also, be sure to lightly wash the overall cooking area after each hot smoke or cold smoke. Also, keep the wood chip loader and container clean at all times. By doing this properly you will be able to enjoy good quality cooking.

If the smoker is Jam or not burning properly

Your smoker may have some wood chips or loose pieces lying around. If this happens then your smoker will not be able to burn properly which is causing problems in your cooking. So make sure you clean the smoker properly after each use and check to see if any wood chips are stuck in it. So keep these things in mind if you want your smoker to work properly. Hopefully, this will solve your problem and your smoker burning properly.

The Bottom Line 

We give you our detailed troubleshooting guide about Master Built 1050 Grill and this helps you to hassle-free cooking and comfortable usage. We hope that the complete guide we provide is useful for you. And if you follow it properly, you will be able to solve your problems easily. Thanks for staying with us.

Matthew P. Rudolph