Ways Expert Bakers Keep Their Cake Deliveries Secure

Ways Expert Bakers Keep Their Cake Deliveries Secure

Cake deliveries are a common occurrence in the baking world, but they can also be a source of anxiety for bakers. There are many ways to ensure that your cake deliveries arrive at their destination without any problems.

When it comes to cake deliveries in Singapore, there is no room for error. If a mistake occurs, it can mean the difference between a delicious dessert and a total disaster. That’s why expert bakers take precautions to ensure their cake deliveries are secure. Here are just a few of the ways they do so:

  1. Avoid soft fillings.

Bakers try to avoid using soft fillings for their cakes since these are transported via cake delivery services in Singapore. Hence, one tip they’d want you to keep in mind is:

If you plan on transporting your cake, it’s important to think about what filling will work best. For example, buttercream is great for holding the layers together but if there are certain fillings that need softer consistency or travel better avoid using them in this situation because they could leak.

  1. They use sturdy material for their decorations too.

According to master bakers, you should think about how well your decorations will hold up while you travel. For example, sturdy gum paste flowers may transport quite easily but designs made with piped whipped cream won’t be as durable in transit and could melt or worse-they might actually fall apart.

  1. Use cake supports.

Cake supports are essential to building any stacked cake. They ensure that your cakes will be level and sturdy, which is critical for creating an attractive display of desserts! Place these inside the bottom layer after you’ve assembled it but before pressing them into place so their height matches up with what’s on top (and keep in mind not all sizes work well).

Cake supports, sometimes referred to as cake stands, also keep the cake in shape during transport. Rather than shaking or falling off while on the way to the destination, the cakes are kept secure especially when they are stacked to an elevated height.

  1. Connect the tiers.

Transporting a cake with multiple layers can be tricky, but there are ways to make the process easier. If you have an especially large or three-dimensional design on top of your standard two-layer cakes then consider connecting each tier together by using wooden dowels and ensuring they’re all pushed into their respective spots nicely before moving them into the vehicle.

Connecting the tiers of your cake will make transportation much easier. If you have a two-tier or more, consider connecting each tier with some type of device so that they act as one unit rather than separate cakes.

  1. Use a sturdy box.

To prevent your precious cake from getting damaged or losing its shape, it is important that you transport them in a sturdy box. Make sure the board/plate of the container works best for holding and protecting against bending so as to avoid any potential damage during transportation.

Make sure the box is big enough to keep your cake safe. If you’re transporting a 10-inch cake, the box should also be 10 inches in diameter. This helps prevent the cake from moving especially during long distance travel.

Danny Rodres