Know if You Are Transporting Dangerous Goods the Right Way

Know if You Are Transporting Dangerous Goods the Right Way

We all know that tons of hazardous materials and waste materials get transported from one place to another throughout Canada and other countries. Since some of these chemicals can be really hazardous, it becomes very important that you can proper care and have a detailed knowledge of the process that must be followed during the transportation of dangerous goods. The reason for the appropriate shipping process is that even a minor spill can create trouble and result in an emergency situation.

No matter how safe these goods are transported, many accidents involving these substances are reported each year, while many of them go unreported. So, when you plan to transport dangerous goods, it is very important that you have a team equipped with knowledge through a comprehensive TDG online training program as these programs ensure helping team members know everything about the dangerous goods and ensure proper labeling during the whole process of transportation.

What are Dangerous goods?

One of the most important reasons for not taking proper care during the transportation of dangerous goods is not knowing if they are transporting dangerous goods or substances. So, to clarify it here, dangerous goods are any substance or organism that is classified under the regulations or by its nature conforms to the classification criteria for one or more classes of dangerous goods. We can say that dangerous goods are materials or products that come with dangerous properties. This means, if proper care is not taken during the transportation process, they can prove to be a potential hazard to human health and safety.

Followings are the common classes of dangerous goods:

  1. Explosive substances and articles
  2. Flammable & non-flamable gas
  3. Flammable liquids
  4. Flammable solids
  5. Oxidising substances
  6. Toxic substances
  7. Radioactive material
  8. Corrosive substances

Who does this affect? 

According to the TDG regulations, it is mandatory for every individual involved in the process of handling or offering transportation services is required to have TDG online course so that proper knowledge can be gained to safely handle these dangerous substances. A TDG online training allows the professionals to take proper care during transportation as well as label the products accordingly to help others identify the substances when handling.

The goal of a TDG online training program or a certificate is to promote the safe transportation of hazardous material with the help of effective communication of information about different types of hazardous substances being transported. With the helpful information, the cases of unwanted emergencies can be avoided and the professionals involved in the process can play a helpful role in case of an emergency situation.

Are you carrying dangerous goods? 

If you are also involved in the process of transporting the dangerous substance, it is very important to have proper knowledge through TDG online course as well as stay updated with the latest industry regulations to stay on the safer side and avoid any kind of penalty that can be applicable in case of non-compliance.

Evelyn Wagner