Health Benefits of Horlicks Beverage!

Health Benefits of Horlicks Beverage!

What is Horlicks?

It is a hot drink from Hindustan Unilever which is made of milk and malted food substances. It is prepared by use of unique processes set by its inventor James Watson. It was first marketed in British empire countries like India, Pakistan., Bangladesh etc.

How to prepare it?

It is prepared by boiling water with a plug of Horlicks in it and then strained through filter paper after becoming cool. Drink during the Winter season because it has warming effects on the human body due to malted food substances which are present inside it!

Benefits of Horlicks:

1.Helps Physical Growth & Development in Young People:

It is an age-appropriate beverage. It has proteins, calcium, vitamins, and iron which are required for the healthy growth of human beings. So, it plays a very important role in the development of the body at an early stage!

2. Improves immunity:

It has natural and artificial minerals which help in the production of some vital body chemicals responsible for strength, growth, making bones strong etc. At the same time, it helps the immune system to become stronger due to antioxidant properties of vitamins!

3.Brain Development:

It has vitamins and minerals which are required for the development of the nervous system, brain, memory etc. It also contains several antioxidants which prevent damage of body cells!

4. Restores Digestive Health:

Having Horlicks regularly improves your digestive health because of its soluble properties! Improve digestion means you can easily absorb your food nutrients!

6. Strengthens Bones:

Proteins present in Horlicks helps for strengthening bones. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent! Which makes it good for the prevention of osteoporosis!

7. Breast Feeding:

Horlicks’s beverage nourishes the mother and keeps her healthy. It provides energy to her body and helps recovery of postnatal fatigue!

8. Many flavors:

Horlicks has a lot of flavors to choose from. It is expanding its range of flavors to suit more and more customers; example let’s take its kesar badam flavour which is suited for seniors in India.

Hope you found this blog post helpful and entertaining! Horlicks is not only a great way to get your daily dose of calcium, but it tastes good too. So, what are you waiting for? Check out their website today!

Evelyn Wagner