BBQs 2u Keeps Best Barbecue Models And Pizza Oven Accessories

BBQs 2u Keeps Best Barbecue Models And Pizza Oven Accessories

BBQs 2u which is ranked 1 out of 1 on Trustpilot for providing the best grillers, knows exactly what UK citizens need in hot weather with chilled beer. The company is also ranked 1 out of 3 on Trustpilot in the category of the BBQ area. Since the company is passionate about barbecue, they sell a wide range of barbeque products. Their exclusive BBQ products and accessories made life easier during the lockdown in the UK.

One of the customers mentioned BBQs 2u, “I am extremely happy with BBQs 2u for their price range and delivery process. I received my Weber Q1200 shipped on Monday when I placed my order on Friday evening. Compared to the package size, the shipping cost was quite reasonable. I would love to recommend BBQs 2u to anyone.”

Another customer from Ireland mentioned, “I placed the order for my barbeque grill on Sunday morning from Ireland. To my surprise, they delivered it on Thursday morning. The staff kept me informed at every stage to let me know about the delivery process. This is how all companies should work.”

BBQs 2u has set a benchmark for other BBQ selling companies. The company is widely known for its fast delivery process and efficient customer service. Surprisingly, they not only deal with a wide range of barbecues, but they also keep accessories for the Ooni pizza oven which is another perfect addition to the outdoor kitchen.

Ooni pizza ovens were the first transportable pellet pizza oven that was introduced in the market in 2012. It is the most classic pizza oven which is perfect for back garden parties. Placing them in the outside garden and enjoying the hot, smoky, wood-fired pizza straight from the oven is everyone’s dream. Once anyone tastes pizzas prepared in different ranges of the Ooni pizza oven, they’ll forget the takeaway pizzas. Yes, the Ooni pizza oven is a threat to the pizza business.

People waiting for the Ooni pizza oven sale, to grab the best oven with a fair deal, should definitely get their hands on the Ooni Koda 12 and Ooni Koda 16.

Ooni Kooda 12 makes smoky pizzas within 60 seconds. The super-compact oven has foldable legs in where the stone baking tray is inserted. The Ooni Koda 12 UK pizza oven is ignited by gas which is ready to prepare pizzas for the party in 15 minutes. Cook any base with mouth-watering toppings in just 60 seconds.

Ooni Koda 16 is another great creation in the Ooni pizza oven category. The oven is ready in 20 minutes to prepare a 16-inch pizza in just 60 seconds. The Ooni Koda 16 UK has extra-large space for a large pizza base and condiments like bread, meat, steaks, fish, or vegetables. Enjoy pizza and smoky fish along with chilled beer during hot weather. Another special way of treating each other without barbecue.

When the sun comes out, the loveliest thing is gathering friends for an alfresco barbecue. The weather forecast promises every day a glorious sunshine which means alfresco dining and a promising menu. A British barbecue requires a sturdy grill that can handle any item which satiates hunger, and BBQs 2u has the perfect range of grillers and accessories that can make everyone’s day.

Evelyn Wagner