Get High in a Sweetest Way by Consuming Mad Honey

Do you enjoy the idea of experiencing a high without really experiencing one? If so, keep reading because we have got good news for you—not only is it feasible, it is absolutely attainable!

There is a variety of honey out there that is much more than you would imagine, in case you have not heard. While most people think of honey as a delicious component that can be added to pancakes in the morning, this unique type of honey is really utilised for entirely different purposes.

One of the most intriguing treats you will ever find is this honey, which is known in the literal sense as “Mad Honey.” However, what makes it so unique? It is the fact that it can result in the user experiencing hallucination in addition to making them feel lightheaded and dizzy.

You can buy a genuine mad honey from Real Mad Honey and these days the mad honey is quite popular now.

One miracle is honey. It has been consumed and used for thousands of years and has a number of health benefits for people. However, this one is unique. Mad honey, is a form of honey that is truly a poison.

It is a neurotoxic that, even in little doses, can make you stoned and produce hallucination. If you consume more food than the local people advice, you run the risk of overdosing, becoming poisoned, or perhaps passing away. Mad honey served as the first chemical weapon and its effects were known in antiquity.

Grayanotoxin, which gives mad honey its dark, reddish hue, is extracted from the nectar of a particular variety of rhododendron flower. 

The flower is rather uncommon and is only found in limited quantities in Nepal, the Caucasus, and southern Turkey. Some can also be found in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and a few American states.

Medical Uses

Mad honey has been used by locals for thousands of years for its therapeutic benefits even though it is poisonous in and of itself. People are taking this honey as a form of medicine in accordance with an antiquated medical practise.

The natives claim that consuming one teaspoon at least once a year strengthens the immune system. Mad honey is utilised by locals in the treatment of arthritis pain, diabetes, hypertension, and erectile dysfunction. Additionally, locals boil it in milk and only consume tiny amounts before morning.

Psychedelic experience

A vice producer has encountered the psychedelic effects of mad honey in addition to its useful properties. He shared his experiences with local hunters in the documentary that was filmed in Nepal.

Although he felt quite insane, it was a pleasant feeling. It feels both warm and frigid. It is somewhat stoned, but it is also somewhat under the influence of mushrooms. Imagine that you only consume one or two grams of mushrooms.

What if the Black Sea region traded this wonderful honey with Europe and used it to flavour beverages to give drinkers an even greater high than alcohol could provide? However, before consuming this honey, you must ensure that the source is authentic.

Matthew P. Rudolph