Coffee – right from origin

Coffee – right from origin

Even though today coffee is widely used throughout the world, it also has its origin. According to the research it is proven that Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee. Even though this is one among the poorest countries in the world, this is considered to be the only place where the coffee is grown natively. The other interesting fact is the coffee was first discovered by a goat herder. Kaldi was a goat herder who had the habit of taking his goats to mountains up and down. Once he found his goat eating some kind of cherry fruits. And in the late night he noticed that the goats were still active and sounded louder throughout the night. Since he found something wrong with the cherries, he took them to the monks.

The first brew

Initially when Kaldi took the coffee beans to the monks in the nearby region, they considered it as devil’s act and they threw all the beans in the fire. The coffee beans started brewing in the fire. The aroma of coffee beans attracted the monks to a greater extent. And they found this smell to be more relaxing and they realized that it is something beyond their expectation. Later they brewed the coffee beans and they sorted them in jug along with hot water. They used this water during the late nights for their prayers. They realized that this drink can help them to stay awake for their prayer throughout night. And hence they made it as a routine. Even though the origin of coffee sounds to be fun, this is considered to be the first step of human towards coffee.


Later the coffee beans became more popular all over the world. Proper brewing techniques were formulated in order to come up with the best quality coffee. There are five important elements that are to be considered while brewing coffee. These elements include aroma, acidity, body, flavor and after taste. The coffee that is made by considering all these key elements is considered to be the best coffee. Even though it sounds to be funny, there are also many studies and courses through which one can learn the best tactics of brewing coffee. Obviously this is the secret behind many professionals in current trend.

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