Restaurant Owners – Considerations For Cheese Sauce Shelf Life & Storage To Get The Best Out Of Your Products.

Restaurant Owners – Considerations For Cheese Sauce Shelf Life & Storage To Get The Best Out Of Your Products.

When you open a restaurant, eatery or hospitality establishment of any kind, you have to make a considerable investment – the location, staff, food, taxes and a lot more.However,one of the most major and important costs is the food – after all a restaurant business is first and foremost about food.

Buying food for your restaurant may seem simple, because you do it at home all the time, but there is a lot more at stake and a lot more to think about. You might overbuy on vegetables that will eventually spoil, or you might under buy something andrun out of stock on your first day.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on the cost of food is bulk buying. There are many things you can buy in bulk such as rice, flour, honey, lentils etc. However, if you are opening a burger or American themed restaurant, then you need something different entirely – yes, it’s cheese sauce.

If you are opening aburger restaurant you will need cheese sauce for fries, sandwiches, mac & cheese, burgers and more, the list is endless. The best way to ensure that the flavour of the cheese sauce stays consistent and taste the same every time it to buy it in bulk. Making it in house takes way too much time, and it will spoil easily.

So, what can restaurant owners do to get the best out of their cheese sauce? First is storage, and second is buying high-quality cheese sauce that gives a consistent result in every use.

Proper storage of cheese sauce is crucial to increase the shelf life.Here are somestorage tips to extend the shelf life of your cheese sauce:


Freezing is the most organic way to preserve the freshness of any product. If you want to save it for later – throw it in the freezer. The low temperature doesn’t allow bacteria to grow, keeping it fresh for longer.

When freezing cheese sauce, you will need to keep the temperature steady at below 0 degrees. This is also important to save the cheese sauce from contamination.

Portion Size Packages

Freezing is essential, but how you freeze is equally as important. After buying cheese sauce in bulk, you shouldn’t freeze it in bulk. Divide the cheese sauce into smaller portions according to the use in your restaurant.

This way you won’t have to defrost the whole thing and freeze the unused again.Also, use an airtight container or double bag to store your cheese sauce.

Use a clean container

I would not suggest storing cheese sauce in its original container. Instead, use Ziplock bags or clean airtight containers.This way you can easily portion it out, and you are ensuring that your packaging is clean and sanitary before freezing, which is even more important right now due to the pandemic.

Last, but not least the shelf life of your cheese sauce highly depends on the quality of the cheese sauce. If you are buying low-quality cheese sauce, it may not last as long no matter how hard you try.

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