Learn more about halal before visiting a halal market in Los Angeles

Learn more about halal before visiting a halal market in Los Angeles

Many people, especially in the western world, are still unsure what truly constitutes halal food. The term halal, translated as lawful or lawful, is a term that, in its simplest form, applies to any form of action that Islamic law deems permissible.

The term is also extended to include all foods that are allowed to be consumed under Islamic law. It is similar to how the term kashrut dictates the specific types of
foods that can be consumed by members of the Jewish faith.

Although the term halal is widely used in many Islamic countries to represent illegal activities under Islamic law, it has already become synonymous with food in the western world. Halal food laws are quite complex and don’t just pertain to the method by which an animal is slaughtered, which is what most people seem to think.

According to Halal guidelines and based on the Qur’an, the following foods are forbidden for Muslims to eat:

Alcohol and other types of intoxicants

Animals killed by other methods such as beating, strangling, or attacking other animals

  • Blood
  • Carrion
  • Pig

Although these rules are firmly entrenched in most Muslim societies, the Qur’an also prescribes that Muslims non- Allowed to eat halal food in cases where no food is available.

The main focus of most people’s Halal laws when it comes to food is the method of slaughtering the animal. It mainly refers to the ingestion of blood as the sacrificial method is designed to prevent this

Dhabiha, the sacrificial method used, is basically a ritual sacrifice of an animal that allows Muslims to legally consume it. This ritual does not involve fish or most other forms of marine life. Instead, it is primarily related to cattle and other animal species. bred for

The method itself involves a quick, deep incision in the animal’s neck with a sharp knife, severing both the carotid arteries and the carotid artery while ensuring the spinal cord remains intact. It will cause the animal’s instant death without feeling any pain. The animal is blessed in the name of Allah, making the food legal or halal. There are many ways to see halal food. Strict Muslims claim that blessing in the name of Allah is an important
part of the whole process and food cannot be eaten legally without it.

Some Muslims are more lenient in this regard, as they are willing to eat any type of meat as long as all the blood has been drained from the carcass.

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Matthew P. Rudolph