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Where did I eat? Estrella’s at 5932 200th Street in Langley. What do they specialize in? Montreal smoked meat and deli food. What was the vibe? Homey, deli-style, busy. What did I eat? Smoked Meat In order to properly judge smoked meat you have to order just a classic sandwich on rye with mustard. The […]

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Ajuker Fried Chicken

Where did I eat? Ajuker Fried Chicken at 101-508 Clarke Road in Coquitlam. What do they specialize in? Korean fried chicken. What was the vibe? Random home-style vibe. What did I eat? Fried Chicken This is just their basic no frills fried chicken. The meat was juicy and the batter was super crispy, however I […]

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The Ramenman

Where did I eat? The Ramenman at 841 Bidwell Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Ramen. What was the vibe? Cute, small, trendy. What did I eat? Vegetarian x Miso – Shiitake Mushroom and Smoked Kombu Broth with 63 Degree Egg, Corn, Bamboo Shoot, Green Onion, Cabbage, Crispy Lotus Root, Chili Pepper Oil, […]

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