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21 Nautical Miles Seafood Bar

Where did I eat? 21 Nautical Miles Seafood Bar at 1257 Hamilton Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Seafood boils and Asian inspired seafood dishes. What was the vibe? Upscale, modern, clean. What did I eat? I was invited to a special tasting menu by ChineseBites to sample some of their menu items. […]

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Where did I eat? Mister at 1141 Mainland Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Liquid nitrogen ice cream. What was the vibe? Bright, trendy, small. What did I order? Lemon, Chocolate, Avocado, and Creme Brûlée Ice Cream They use liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream here and it is a pretty cool […]

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Salad Date Dining Pass

“Salad Date” is the newest dining pass from for Salad Works, a restaurant in Yaletown that specializes in salads and sandwiches. The following items are included in the dining pass: Your choice ofanyCarvery Salad: “Grilled Chicken Caesar”, free range chicken breast, parmesan cheese, focaccia croutons, home made crispy bacon bits, caesar dressing “Grilled Napa […]

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