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Szechuan Cuisine

Where did I eat? Szechuan Cuisine at 6408 Kingsway in Burnaby. What do they specialize in? Szechuan style Chinese food. What was the vibe? Small, random, banquet-style dining room. What did I eat? I was invited to a special tasting for Chopstick Fest. Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce I normally love noodles, but I hated this […]

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Victory Seafood

Where did I eat? Victory Seafood in Crystal Mall at 4500 Kingsway in Burnaby. What do they specialize in? Chinese food and dim sum. What was the vibe? I was invited here for a private Chinese Bites dim sum tour to sample their dim sum menu. What did I order? Dim Sum We sampled 37 […]

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Where did I eat? Chachi’s inside of Metropolis at Metrotown. What do they specialize in? Sandwiches, salads, and sides. What was the vibe? Food court. What did I order? Lemonade and House-Made Chips The lemonade was good. It was slightly sweet, tangy, and refreshing. The house made chips were really good. They were kettle style […]

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