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Diving for Pearls

Chau Veggie Express

Chau Veggie Express is a Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver that specializes in vegan and vegetarian dishes. Normally Vietnamese dishes have a lot of meat in them so I was interested to see how Chau would pull off vegetarian dishes. The namaste ($4) is a salad roll that is filled with lemongrass tofu, Thai basil, lettuce, […]

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House Special Pho

Pho Royal

Pho Royal is a small Vietnamese restaurant located right across the Burrard St. Bridge in Kitsilano. They have a basic menu and serve pho and other rice dishes. I have had a hard time finding pho places close to where I work. Since this place is the only one within walking distance, I thought I […]

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Rare Beef Pho

Pho Tam

Pho Tam is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the Whalley area of Surrey. I have heard rumours of Pho Tam having the best pho in Metro Vancouver. Being the avid pho lover that I am, I just had to try it, so I came here with my friend Melissa to see if it lived up to […]

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