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Duffin’s Donuts

Where did I eat? Duffin’s Donuts 1391 E 41st Avenue in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Donuts, fried chicken, and various random items like tortas, pho, and diner food. What was the vibe? Cafeteria-style, dingy, outdated. What did I order? Donuts I was really impressed with the donuts here. These aren’t fancy hipster donuts with […]

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McDonald’s Sausage and Hashbrown More-Ning McWrap

What did I eat? McDonald’s Sausage and Hashbrown More-Ning McWrap. Wrap – A whole wheat tortilla filled with a sausage patty, hashbrown, scrambled egg, and a slice of cheddar cheese McDonald’s breakfast is one of my biggest guilty pleasures so I was really excited to try this wrap All of the ingredients taste great together. […]

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McDonald’s – Build Your Own Burgers

Where did I eat? McDonald’s on 200th Street in Langley. What do they specialize in? McDonald’s is expanding its burger line to offer customizable more upscale burgers and table service at certain locations around the Lower Mainland (with more rolling out in the next few months). What was the vibe? An updated and modern McDonald’s […]

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