McDonald’s Seasons Cravings Waffle Cut Fries and Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger

McDonald’s has launched a new “Seasons Cravings” special menu across Canada for the holiday season.


Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger ($5.99)

  • This burger is made with a “snowflake bun” topped with oatmeal, beef patty, a slice of processed cheese, onions, bacon crumbles, mayo, and a potato rosti.
  • The potato rosti tastes just like a hash brown with a crisp deep fried exterior and a soft fluffy potato inside.
  • The bun was tasty and the ideal balance of softness with enough substance to hold up the thick patty.
  • I loved this burger and thought the combination of beef, cheese, and potato was surprisingly delicious. I loved the crunch the potato rosti added inside and the big dollop of creamy mayo.
  • I would definitely order this again and am already craving another.


Waffle Cut Fries ($2.99)

  • I’ve tried these on two occasions and the first time they were not fresh which resulted in them being too starchy. The second time they were freshly made and so much better. They had a crisp coating that tastes like normal fries, however, the potato flavour is much more prominent than the regular fries.
  • These are worth trying for the novelty and I enjoyed them, but the original fries are still the best.

Final Thoughts?

The new McDonald’s seasons cravings menu is definitely worth trying for a fun holiday treat.


Categories: Fast Food


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