Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye – Dry Rye Manhattan Recipe

I was recently sent a bottle of Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye and was excited to be able to blog about it because I have developed an interest in whisky over the past couple of years and I love trying new bottles and learning about different types.

This particular bottle is made is 100% rye which is a type of grain that is used and differentiates “rye” whiskies from other types of whisky such as bourbon or scotch. Most rye whisky is made with a blend and has less than 100% rye, which is what differentiates this bottle from typical ryes because this one is only made with rye. The Chairman’s Select pours out a rich gold colour and has spicy wood and caramel tasting notes with a clean smooth finish.


I used the Canadian Club Rye to make a dry Manhattan cocktail. Manhattans are typically made with Rye or sweeter whiskies such as bourbon and include two parts whisky to one part vermouth with a dash of bitters and simple syrup. This cocktail is good for beginner whisky drinkers as the vermouth adds some sweetness and floral elements that balance out the rye.


Above is the recipe that I used to make this cocktail. You can find Angostura bitters at most supermarkets and I used Martini Dry Vermouth although Manhattans are commonly made with red vermouth too.

Disclosure: I did not pay for this product.


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