Where did I eat?

Juke at 182 Keefer Street in Vancouver.

What do they specialize in?

Fried Chicken and ribs.

What was the vibe?

Cool, hipster, small.

What did I eat?

Postmark Blonde

  • I originally wanted the saison but they were out so I opted for the blonde instead.
  • Maybe it was my disappointment in not getting my first choice, but I didn’t care for this blonde as it was pretty unmemorable.


Dirty Fries

  • With a name like dirty fries I expected something heavy, greasy, and indulgent, however the fries were actually quite light and topped with pickled onions, herbs, and a light drizzle of sauce.
  • The fries themselves were not crisp enough for my liking and the toppings were not saucy or unhealthy enough for the mood I was in.


Cornbread Mac and Cheese

  • This was my favourite dish of the night and a must order. I could eat this bowl to myself.
  • The mac and cheese was gooey, rich, and cheesy and not overly baked or dried out.
  • I loved the cornbread topping because it added some texture to the dish.


Fried Chicken with Crispy Pork and Peanut Slaw

  • I was happy with how juicy the meat was here and none of it was overcooked.
  • The batter here is different from more “traditional” fried chicken as it is gluten-free and quite thick, but I actually liked it. I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback about it, but I liked that it wasn’t greasy and was very crunchy.
  • The slaw that comes on the side is really good and lighter than a traditional mayo based slaw. It adds the perfect tangy, refreshing flavour to complement the fried chicken.


Sticky Pork Ribs

  • The pork ribs were executed very well and were both tender and meaty.
  • The sticky sauce was delicious and had a slightly sweet flavour.

Final Thoughts?

I enjoyed the ribs, fried chicken, and mac and cheese from Juke and would come back if I was in the area. They also have a little take out window with some decent boxed combos that would make a great to-go meal.


Categories: $$$ ($15-$25), Metro Vancouver, Vancouver


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