0755 Restaurant and Lounge

Where did I eat?

0755 Restaurant and Lounge at 2188 – 3779 Sexsmith Road in Richmond.

What do they specialize in?

Cocktails and Chinese food.

What was the vibe?

The inside is super random and feels like a strange club.

What did I eat?

I was invited to a special tasting for Chopstick Fest.



  • This is the first Chinese restaurant I have been to with an extensive line of cocktails and they put a lot of effort into the appearance of the drinks.
  • The menus didn’t have a description of what is in the drinks, which made them hard to order. When I inquired about one I found out it had energy drink in it, which I definitely didn’t want at 7pm so make sure you inquire as to what is actually in the drink.
  • Aside from the mojito all of the drinks were overly sweet and tasted quite sugary and artificial.


Chongqing Spicy Chicken

  • I am not a fan of cold Chinese chicken dishes so although the spicy sauce was good this dish didn’t really do it for me.
  • I am also lazy and hate eating chicken on the bone that comes in a sauce because it is so messy.


Stewed Chicken Soup

  • I was surprised by how flavourful and good this soup was because I find most soups served at Chinese restaurants to be bland.
  • The soup had a rich chicken flavour and was mostly broth with a few vegetables dispersed throughout


Braised Spot Prawns

  • Spot prawns are always good and I loved the spicy flavour of these
  • They were messy to peal as they were covered in sauce, but worth the effort


Steamed Garlic Luffa

  • I thought this was going to be a boring vegetable dish, but I was surprised by how much I loved it.
  • It has a prominent garlic flavour, but it wasn’t too strong or pungent
  • The luffa has a similar texture to a cucumber, but a more mild taste


Garlic Steamed Scallop

  • This was the perfect little bite of deliciousness. The scallop had a tender, meaty texture and was smothered in aromatic garlic
  • I also loved the noodles underneath because they soaked up all the garlic flavour.


Lobster Noodles

  • The lobster meat was good and plentiful
  • The sauce was flavourful, but didn’t overwhelm the lobster flavour


Pepper Steam Mandarin Fish

  • At first glance this dish looks like it will be extremely spicy, but the peppers weren’t spicy peppers and had a hint of sweetness to them
  • The fish was tender and flakey and soaked up all the delicious sauce


Spicy Sour Beef in Soup

  • The beef was surprisingly tender for being cooked in the broth
  • The broth had an interesting and unique flavour to it that reminded me of tomatillo but I honestly have no idea what was it in


Sautéed Pea Sprouts in Broth

  • I love steamed pea sprouts so I could not stop eating this dish
  • I love how much moisture they retain and they completely suck up all the flavours from the sauce.
  • This was a good light pairing with all of the heavier meat and carb dishes we had


Roast Duck with Pancakes

  • The sauce was good and slightly sweet and savoury, but there was so much it masked the flavour of the duck
  • I love making little pancake wraps so I always enjoy these types of dishes.


Stir Fried Rice with Preserved Ham

  • I am never satisfied until I eat some rice at a meal
  • I love the sticky texture to the rice and the fatty flavour that came from the ham


Coconut Pudding

  • This comes out served in a whole coconut with a sparkler on top
  • The pudding inside was amazing and the best dessert I have had at a Chinese restaurant
  • The pudding had different layers of richness and was the perfect refreshing and light way to end a meal


Ice Cream Toast Box

  • By this point in the meal I was so full I couldn’t really eat anything else so I didn’t get to appreciate this dish.
  • It does come out beautifully presented and they make their own ice cream in house which is impressive

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.

Final Thoughts?

I learned a valuable lesson about not judging a book by its cover at 0755 Lounge because the food was surprisingly all really good. I wouldn’t come back for drinks because they were all pretty gross, but I would definitely eat the food again.

0755 Restaurant & Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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