Snowy Village Dessert Cafe

Where did I eat?

Snowy Village Dessert Cafe at 8571 Alexandra Drive in Richmond.

What do they specialize in?

Bingsoo, which is a Korean snow ice dessert with toppings.

What was the vibe?

Hectic, crowded, small.

What did I order?


Strawberry Bingsoo

  • This bingsoo was quite simple and was neither bad nor great, but probably not worth buying again.
  • The snow ice underneith is light and fluffy and has a faint hint of milky flavour.


Mango Bingsoo

  • Mango desserts are always my favourite so it was no surprise that I enjoyed this item the most out of everything we ate during the evening
  • The mangos tasted ripe and sweet and there was a decent amount in the bowl (there was a second layer a bit further down
  • If you come here I would recommend getting this item


Matcha Bingsoo

  • The matcha bingsoo was topped with matcha powder, mochi, red bean, and almonds
  • The matcha powder was mostly just stuck on the outer layer of toppings so once you got down to the ice there wasn’t much flavour there
  • If you don’t like sweet desserts you may enjoy this option, however, I prefer fruit flavours on my snow ice



  • I was expecting these to be like the fluffy cake versions that you can get at night markets, but they do a “croissant” version here that is made with layers of puff pastry and crystallized sugar.
  • The sugar on top was too much for me and make them taste like an overly sweet store-bought danish.
  • They have a few different options for fillings and we tried the nutella and the custard.
  • The nutella was what you would expect it to be, but the filling wasn’t evenly dispersed, so half of it barely had anything in it and the other half was bursting.
  • The custard flavour tasted like packaged vanilla pudding and had a thick, gloopy, texture that wasn’t appetizing

Final Thoughts?

Outside of the mango bingsoo I wasn’t impressed with the desserts here.  The service was horrible and the servers ended up skipping our party on the waitlist and didn’t correct this mistake until we confronted them. This place is way overhyped and not worth waiting an hour for a table.

Snowy Village Dessert Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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