Iögo: Resealable Yogurt Pouches

Iögo is a Canadian brand of yogurt that is available in a wide variety of grocery stores across the country. Iögo has recently launched a new resealable pouch format for a few different lines of their yogurt. The pouches are 750g and retail between $5.99 – $6.99 at different grocery stores (I found some for $5.99 at Safeway, but Save on Foods has a wider selection for $6.79) .


The resealable pouch format is available with three of Iögo’s different lines of yogurt:

  • Iögo Original – Comes in vanilla and strawberry flavours
  • Iögo Probio – Comes in vanilla and strawberry flavours and has 25% less sugar than the original
  • Iögo Greek – Comes in plain and vanilla flavours with a thicker texture and 8g of protein per 100g serving

The flexible packaging is meant to reduce waste because instead of having to scrape the sides of a yogurt container you can easily squeeze all the yogurt out of the package. The resealable top makes it easy to use, especially if you are adding yogurt into a smoothie because you can just squirt the yogurt straight into the blender. The packages are also recyclable.


My favourite of the bunch was the Iögo Greek line. I am picky about the yogurt I like because I don’t like anything with a watery texture, so I loved the extra rich and creamy Greek yogurt. I also liked the added protein because I am always hungry and it filled me up more.

The vanilla one is perfect for breakfast or when you want something slightly sweet. It works well in smoothies or just on its own. My favourite way to eat yogurt is topped with fruit and granola.


The plain Greek one is perfect for cooking and making sauces and dips. The yogurt has a thick texture like sour cream and could easily be substituted for it in recipes for a healthier option. I decided to make a savoury dish with the plain yogurt and made a chicken and potato curry and served it with basmati rice. I added in a cup of yogurt at the end and it made the sauce rich and creamy.

Disclosure: This blog post has been sponsored by Iögo.

Final Thoughts?

I was already a fan of the Iögo brand prior to reviewing their new format and I was happy to find that the yogurt in the pouches is just as good as before. I liked the functionality of the pouches more than I thought I would. They make it easy to squeeze and are convenient for pouring into bowls, measuring cups etc. If you normally buy your yogurt in larger containers you should give the pouches a try.


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