Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant

Where did I eat?

Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant at 3489 Fraser Street in Vancouver.

What do they specialize in?

Chinese food.

What was the vibe?

Formal, banquet-style decor.

What did I order?

I was invited here for a ChineseBites signature dishes media dinner.


Deluxe Appetizer Platter

  • The appetizer platter came with jellyfish, some cold sliced meat, and honey garlic spare ribs
  • I only sampled the spare ribs, which were tasty because I wanted to save room for the main courses


Whole Winter Melon Soup with Seafood

  • I didn’t really care for this soup because it tasted a bit bland to me and the meat in it was a bit tough.


Chef’s Secret Recipe Jumbo Crab

  • I really enjoyed the secret sauce used for the crab which had hints of garlic, chili, green onions
  • The crab was messy to eat, but tasted fresh and good


Lobster in Supreme Soy Sauce

  • The sauce on the lobster was similar, but a little more simple tasting
  • The lobster was also good, however, I think I preferred the taste of the crab a bit more


Sautéed Seafood with Black Fungus and Greens

  • The seafood included shrimp, squid, and scallops, which all tasted fresh and good


Roasted House Specialty Chicken

  • The skin on the chicken was perfectly crisp and delicious
  • The meat was tender and juicy and surprisingly flavourful for a simple chicken dish.
  • I would have preferred to not have to look at the chicken head on the plate while I eat, but I understand that is the traditional way to serve it. I’m just a sensitive white person.


Scallops, Egg Tofu, with Eggplant in Spicy Garlic Hot Pot

  • This was my favourite dish of the night.
  • The scallops were tender and cooked nicely
  • I loved the combination of the soft eggplant and the crispy tofu
  • The sauce was also really good and bit sweet


Sliced Beef with Mushrooms

  • The beef was quite tender and had a nice smokey flavour to it
  • The whole dish was covered in a light peppery sauce that was quite flavourful
  • All the vegetables were cooked nicely and maintained a good texture


Halibut Belly with Shallots and Green Onions

  • The halibut had a nice crispy coating on the outside and the sauce was good
  • I am not the biggest fan of cooked fish anymore and I found it a little dry


Baked Tapioca Pudding

  • This is the only Chinese dessert that I get really excited about eating.
  • The crust was flakey and crispy and the tapioca custard inside was warm and delicious

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal

Final Thoughts?

Fraser Court makes some great Chinese style seafood dishes and I especially enjoyed the crab and scallop dishes.

Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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