McDonald’s Hawaii

Where did I eat?

McDonald’s in Kapolei on Oahu.

What do they specialize in?

McDonald’s food plus items plus a few Hawaiian speciality items.

What did I order?

Local Platter

Local Platter with Spam and Portuguese Sausage

  • At Hawaiian McDonald’s locations they sell local breakfast platters with eggs, rice, and your choice of Portuguese sausage, spam, or both
  • The rice was surprisingly good and I loved the option of having rice for breakfast because I always like rice.
  • The spam was very delicious. They fried it up so it was greasy, fatty, and meaty.
  • The Portuguese sausage was also really good. It was quite fatty too and had a hint of spice to it. It was a nice change from the regular sausage sold in Canada.

Final Thoughts?

The local breakfast platters in Hawaii are surprisingly delicious and satisfying and definitely worth trying if you are visiting the islands on vacation.

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