Ramen Butcher

Where did I eat?

The Ramen Butcher at 223 East Georgia Street in Vancouver.

What do they specialize in?

Ramen and gyoza.

What was the vibe?

Flashy, hectic, non-traditional.

What did I order?

Classic Ramen

Classic Ramen – signature pork tonkatsu broth, house made noodles, aburi pork chashu and a medium boiled marinated egg

  • The original broth has a rich, salty, and fatty pork flavour.
  • I loved the house made noodles here. They are quite thin especially when compared to a lot of the other ramen restaurants around and I liked how they were more delicate.

Red Ramen

Red Ramen – tonkatsu broth with spicy garlic paste, house made noodles, aburi pork chashu, and a medium boiled marinated egg

  • I loved the strong garlic flavour and the hint of spiciness from the chili sauce. Neither component was overwhelming and it made the broth more dynamic.
  • The pork here is fatty and delicious although I felt a bit ripped off that I only got one slice. That left my meat cravings unsatisfied.
  • The medium boiled egg was also very tasty and had a savoury flavour from the marinade, but once again the portion size was small as you only get half an egg.

Final Thoughts?

The portions at the Ramen Butcher are on the small side, but I loved the flavourful broth and house made noodles.

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