Mosaic Spring Fling Dining Pass

Where did I eat?

Mosaic at the Hyatt at 655 Burrard Street in Vancouver.

What do they specialize in?

Modern, upscale, West Coast cuisine.

What was the vibe?

Upscale, relaxing

What did I order?

The VanEats dining pass that comes with your selection of an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $27.


“Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale”, radishes, garlic scape dressing

  • This salad was beautifully presented with an appealing mixture of colours and textures.
  • The salad was very fresh and light tasting, however, I very much felt like I was eating a salad because there was nothing to add a contrasting rich flavour, like meat or cheese, to the vegetables.

IMG_7582 (1)

“White Asparagus Bisque”, parmesan lavash

  • This was my favourite of the two entrees because of its rich, creamy flavour and smooth velvety texture.
  • I find that white asparagus has a much more mild flavour than regular asparagus, so you just noticed a hint of its flavour.


“Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks with Stinging Nettle Pasta”, asparagus tips, morel cream sauce

  • The veal was tender and meaty and served in a rich and thick gravy type sauce.
  • The stinging nettle pasta was made into thick sheets, almost like lasagna noodles.


“BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon”, salt spring mussels, manila clams, sugar snap pea, charred scallion, fennel, new potatoes

  • The bouillabaisse broth was ridiculously good. I could have drank a whole cup of it. It was buttery, rich, and smooth and went perfectly with the seafood.
  • I am normally wary of cooked salmon because I find it can be quite dry, but I was pleasantly surprised by how moist the salmon was. It was perfectly cooked.


“Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto”, fiddlehead ferns, fava beans, green peas, watercress

  • The quinoa risotto was surprisingly satisfying for a vegetarian dish.
  • I have never had quinoa prepared like this. It was much more moist and not crumbly and dry like usual.
  • The toppings added nice contrasting elements and a bit of texture and delicious sharp cheese flavour.


“Maple Espresso Creme Brulee”, dark chocolate bark

  • The creme brulee had a strong espresso flavour with a hint of sweetness from the maple.
  • I love coffee, but coffee flavoured desserts never fully satisfy my sweet tooth, so I enjoyed the cake more.


“MOSAIC’s Signature Triple Layer Cake”, fresh berries

  • I’ve had the chocolate cake from Mosaic many times, but I still get excited to eat it whenever I visit.
  • It is the most moist chocolate cake you will ever eat and has a pillowy soft texture with layers of rich decadent chocolate.
  • The fresh berries help to cut through the richness of the chocolate and freshen things up.

Final Thoughts?

The dining pass is a great deal for a well executed three course meal. If you order the soup, the bouillabaisse, and the cake you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal.


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