Where did I eat?

Invitro Food Labs and Eatery on 2211 Manitoba Street in Vancouver.

What do they specialize in?

Pastas, steak, and appetizers.

What was the vibe?

Cozy, warm, and inviting.

What did I order?


The Roxanne (left)- Gin, elderflower, watermelon juice, simple syrup, lime juice & muddled basil

The Jessica (right) – Malibu, Lemonhart, egg white, lemon juice, simple syrup & pineapple juice

  • The cocktails here are all made with fresh pressed juice, so they taste fruity and fresh without having an overly sweet and artificial taste


The Typical Caprese – Buffalo Bocconcini, pesto, smoked prosciutto, oven-dried tomato, balsamic reduction, olive oil and basil

  • Despite the name, this tasted so much better than your “typical” caprese.
  • I loved the addition of the smoked prosciutto because it gave a salty crunch to the dish.
  • The oven dried tomato had a sweeter taste than a fresh tomato.
  • The salad was perfectly put together. It looked so pretty and it had a good ratio of cheese to tomato.


The Payoff – Baked Brie with roasted garlic, olive oil, and crostini served with local fruit preserves

  • Who doesn’t love baked brie? This is a great appetizer for sharing.
  • The roasted garlic and the jam provide a good contrasting sweet and savoury element to the dish.
  • There was plenty of baguette to use up all of the brie cheese.


Bolognese – Home-made egg noodles served with veal, sausage, beef, & lardons, garnished with parmesan cheese and fresh herbs

  • The noodles here are made fresh to order and they have a delicious thick and chewy texture
  • Normally I am not a fan of bolognese sauce because I don’t care for ground beef, but I loved this sauce because of the mix of different meats and the hearty texture of the sauce.


Leeks & Cream – Home-made egg noodles served with cream, parmesan cheese, butter, leeks and white wine

  • This pasta was made with the same noodles as the one above, but with a creamy white sauce
  • The sauce was rich, but not overwhelmingly so and didn’t feel too heavy.


Steak – Served with butter dill potatoes and a cucumber tomato salad

  • I requested the steak to be cooked medium rare and it was absolutely perfect.
  • The filet mignon was super tender and there was a nice seared crust on the outside and a coating of herbs.
  • Even the mushrooms and salad on the side were incredibly flavourful and delicious.


Pavlova – Meringue with whipped vanilla cream and fresh fruit

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the pavlova because I am not crazy about meringue.


Bacon Bourbon Brownie – Bacon and bourbon brownie with rosemary toffee and bourbon whipped cream

  • I wish I wasn’t so full so I could have enjoyed this brownie more
  • The brownie was dense, moist, and chewy and rich in chocolate flavour with a slight hint of smokiness from the bacon.
  • The rosemary toffee added a unique savoury element to the dish, which I enjoyed
  • The bourbon whipped cream added a slightly boozy flavour to the dessert that I think paired well with the chocolate

Final Thoughts?

Invitro is a hidden gem restaurant and this was one of the more special and memorable meals I have had in a long time. The prices are also very reasonable for the quality of ingredients and presentation.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.

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