Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar Dine Out Vancouver Preview

Where did I eat?

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar at 765 Beatty Street in Vancouver.

What do they specialize in?

Italian food.

What was the vibe?

Upscale, cozy, dark.

What did I order?

This dinner was a preview for their Dine Out Vancouver 2015 menu. To view the menu you can visit the Dine Out Vancouver website.


Tomato Caprese Salad windset farm tomato, bocconcini, balsamic crema and fresh basil

  • This salad was light, simple, and fresh
  • I really liked the addition of the yellow tomato to the salad


Veal Ravioli housemade ravioli, fresh basil, ricotta, and organic tomato sauce

  • I’m not normally crazy about ravioli, but I really liked these because the veal meat was so tender and moist
  • The tomato sauce on top tasted really fresh and light and allowed you to taste the flavour of the meat inside
  • I would highly recommend this dish for the second course option


Saltspring Mussels italian sausage, concerto tomato, garlic, white wine, basil, and grilled filone

  • I wasn’t crazy about the Italian sausage combined with the mussels. I didn’t like the two textures together
  • The sauce was good. You can’t go wrong with garlic and white wine in anything.


Lobster Agnolotti (+$3) supplement hand made with fresh east coast Maine lobster, rock crab, fresh pasta, lobster cream broth, roasted concerto tomato

  • Although it looked like the ravioli, this pasta had a more firm texture
  • The sauce was very creamy and had a buttery lobster taste
  • I preferred the veal ravioli to this because I felt like it had brighter flavours


Bistecca Pomodoro pan seared medallions of triple A beef, café de paris butter, broccolini, with spaghetti pomodoro

  • The steak was tender although I would have preferred mine a bit more rare
  • The spaghetti was simple and well executed


Jumbo Shrimp Scampi lemon mascarpone cream, garlic, and shallots

  • The shrimp were cooked perfectly and had a pleasantly bouncy texture
  • The mascarpone cream sauce was rich and indulgent and the hint of citrus really brightened up the dish


Marsala Chicken rossdown chicken breast, marsala wine, mushroom sauce, with seasonal vegetables and fingerling potato

  • The chicken had a lightly seared crust, but I felt like it could have been more moist.
  • I really like the marsala wine and mushroom sauce because of its creamy, earthy, flavour.

Seafood linguini (+$5) Half lobster, clams, mussels, fresh fish, jumbo prawns, organic tomato sauce

  • This was definitely my favourite dish out of the third course options and I think it is worth paying for the upgrade.
  • The linguini was really good on its own and it tasted even better combined with the buttery lobster and salty seafood flavours


Signature Tiramisu (+$5) Frankie’s house-made version of the classic venetian dessert with mascarpone cheese, espresso dipped lady fingers and heavy cream
  • I always have to end my meal on a sweet note, so I think the extra $5 to add a dessert is a wise investment
  • This tiramisu is very light and airy, which is a good way to end a heavy pasta meal
  • The espresso flavour wasn’t super strong and there was a good balance between the coffee  and creamy cheese elements

Final Thoughts?

I thought it was a cool idea for Frankie’s to do three savoury courses instead of the traditional appie/entree/dessert combo and I feel like you get better value this way.

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