Turn on the Rajio Dining Pass

Turn on the Rajio is the newest dining pass by Vaneats.ca for Rajio Japanese Public House. Rajio is a izakaya style restaurant that specializes in Japanese style pub food and small sharing size plates. The dining pass comes with the following four items:

Kushi Katsu

Kushikatsu, Rajio’s House SPECIALTY! Chef’s recommendation of 4 deep fried, panko breaded, bite sized skewers + dipping sauce

  • The skewers that I sampled were beef, lotus root, scallop, and fish cake
  • The panko breading is very thin and crispy and not greasy
  • The dipping sauce is delicious, although the jar of it seems excessively large

Bagna Cauda

Bagna Cauda, fresh veggies with an incredible dipping sauce made from garlic, anchovy, olive oil and sweet Japanese white miso. A refreshing twist on an Italian classic and do not be fooled by the anchovies!

  • I was expecting this dish to be boring, but I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would
  • There was a good mixture of vegetables to choose from
  • The dipping sauce was delicious and addictive. It had a very rich and creamy flavour and was quite savoury

VANEATS Sashimi Salad

VANEATS Sashimi Salad, Chef’s omakase sashimi with crisp romaine lettuce tossed in kalamata olive soya dressing topped with tobiko

  • The salad was very light and refreshing
  • There were plenty of chunks of nice fresh sashimi all over top of it
  • The flavours were well balanced

Heavenly Ebi Ramen

Heavenly Ebi Ramen, BRAND NEW! Tender ramen in deep-golden shrimp broth, embellished with slices of cha-shu pork & shrimp infused garlic oil

  • The shrimp broth was unique and not something I have encountered before.
  • The broth was actually quite mild with a bit of seafood flavour

The package had a great balance of indulgent items and healthier items, so it has a good mix of everything. It is also really good value and a good way to try Rajio if you have never been. You can purchase the Turn on the Rajio dining pass at Vaneats.ca for $20.


Categories: $$$ ($15-$25), Japanese, Kitsilano, Metro Vancouver, Vancouver


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