Longs Noodle House

Longs Noodle House is a Chinese restaurant on Main Street that specializes in Shanghainese style food and is best known for their dumplings. Longs Noodle House is the kind of place that you could easily miss when walking by because it is a little tiny hole in the wall. There isn’t many seats inside, so there may be a bit of a wait during peak hours.

Wine Chicken

I kept reading people rave online about the wine chicken appetizer here, so I had to try it. The chicken is poached and served in a cute little pot filled with a rice wine sauce. The chicken was super moist and juicy and the dish had a nice wine flavour. I didn’t find it too overwhelming or boozy, but it was definitely noticeable. My one little qualm was that this dish was kind of hard to eat around the small pieces of chicken bone, but that’s just me being picky.

Green Onion Pancake

The green onion pancake was the only dish I wasn’t crazy about. It was alright, but it seemed a bit dry and lacking something.

Beef Rolls

The beef rolls were a bit different from other beef rolls I have had because instead of being wrapped in a crispy pancake, these were wrapped in a soft and chewy pancake. The inside was filled with slices of marinated beef and tons of cilantro, which I loved. The combination of the beef and cilantro actually reminded me a lot of the flavours of pho.

Mini Pork Dumplings

The mini pork dumplings lived up to the hype and didn’t disappoint. They were a good size and the dumpling skin was pretty thin. These are the juiciest buns I have ever eaten with significantly more soupy broth inside than most other versions.

Pan Fried Dumplings

I was pleasantly surprised that the pan fried dumplings were almost as juicy as the steamed dumplings. The bottom was nice and crisp and the inside was very juicy. These are some of the best pan fried dumplings I have had in a while.

The food at Longs Noodle House impressed me and I would definitely return for more dumplings and the beef roll.


Yes, for delicious dumplings.

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