Rehanah’s Roti

Rehanah’s Roti is a tiny Trinidadian restaurant located in Port Moody. The restaurant’s menu is simple. They serve a few different types of wraps made with roti and filled with different curries.

I work in the Port Moody area now so I have been checking out all of the lunch spots in the area. Rehanah’s Roti is only open during lunch hours, so I thought it would be a good time to try it. The inside of the restaurant has three small tables to eat at, or you can take your wraps to go (although I think it would be pretty messy to try to eat after it gets a bit soggy).

Rehannah's Roti

I ordered the chicken roti ($9.50) at a medium spice level. The chicken roti comes filled with a curry of chicken and potatoes.

I actually found the filling to be a bit boring. The chicken and potatoes didn’t add much flavour of their own to the roti and everything kind of blended together. I didn’t find the medium spice to be very spicy and I regretted not getting the spicy version.

The one thing I did really like was the roti itself. It has a soft and stretchy texture that actually reminds me a lot of a crepe. Even though it was pretty thin, it held everything together surprisingly well.

Vegetable Combo Roti

A few days later I went back and tried the vegetable combo roti ($8.75). This one is filled with chickpeas, potatoes, and a mix of other vegetables like carrots and peppers. I also went with the hot spicy level because the medium wasn’t overly spicy last time.

This time the roti packed some heat and I enjoyed it much more. If you like spicy things definitely order the hot version because it adds more flavour.

I also liked the vegetable filling better because the curry was filled with a wider variety of ingredients, which made it more interesting to eat.

Rehanah’s Roti is a good place for a quick and filling lunch in Port Moody. I wish there were a few more options on the menu, but the roti is tasty and worth trying, especially if you like spicy food.


Yes, for a decent roti.

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