A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a menu tasting at Burgundy Restaurant in Gastown. Before being invited here, I had never heard of the restaurant and I could see how it would be easy to miss walking by. The inside of the restaurant is very small and cozy and it has a nice atmosphere and lots of cool artwork on the walls.


We started off the evening with a gin and juice cocktail. It was made with Bombay, Aperol, orange, grapefruit, and cherry juice, peach bitters, and ginger ale.

I loved this cocktail and it is definitely something I would drink again. It was a fun fruity drink that wasn’t too sweet and had a hint of tart citrus flavours.


The goat cheese fondue was the perfect sharing appetizer. It was served with berries, apples, and baguette, which complemented the cheese nicely. I am a goat cheese fanatic so I loved the flavour of this fondue and found it to be a bit lighter than the Swiss cheese versions.


The tuna nicoise salad was surprisingly my favourite dish of the event. It was made with tuna carpaccio, green beans, nugget potatoes, arugula, egg, and an olive tapanade. What made this dish for me was the egg. It was perfectly soft boiled and the yolk was still slightly runny. I would highly recommend trying this dish.


The crab cake appetizer was a disappointment to me. They were made with quinoa and while I like quinoa I think it made the cakes way too dense and chewy. When I eat crab cakes I want them to be super meaty and flakey so these didn’t do it for me.


The beef tartare was one of the better versions I have eaten. The meat was cut up chunkier, which was a much more enjoyable texture for me to eat because then I didn’t feel like I was eating mushy raw hamburger. I also loved the creamy avocado served under it.


The coq au vin blanc was made with a chicken thigh and served with a side of nugget potatoes, beets, and steamed broccolini.

The chicken itself was juice on the inside and had a nice crisp skin on the outside. In their version of coq au vin they used white wine instead of the traditional red wine. The white wine flavour wasn’t really present and I think I would have preferred it to be made with red.


The pork tenderloin was stuffed with cherries and thyme and served with nugget potatoes and vegetables.

Apple is the common fruit pairing with pork, but I liked that they used cherries and did something different. I thought the dark sweet flavour went really well with the meat. The meat was cooked a bit too much for my personal preferences and I would have preferred the pork to be served more medium with a hint of pink.

I found the vegetables on the side to be a bit boring though. I wish a little more creativity was put into them and their flavour was enhanced with more herbs.


The beef bourguignon was made with red wine, mashed potatoes, pearl onions, mushrooms, and carrots and it is served with a side of baguette. The meat in the stew was really tender and had a nice red wine flavour. I liked that the vegetables were served in big hearty chunks.


The last scallop and crab entrée was my favourite entrée. The dish is beautifully presented and the scallops had a good crusted sear on the outside. Under the salad there was a bed of scalloped potatoes. I normally hate scalloped potatoes, but I fell in love with these. The potatoes weren’t mucky or overly greasy and there was the perfect amount of cheese in the dish. It added a nice nutty flavour and richness, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

I liked that Burgundy added some creative flair to traditional French dishes and if you are looking for a cute spot in Gastown to grab a meal I would recommend checking them out for drinks and appetizers.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.

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One Comment on “Burgundy”

  1. August 11, 2014 at 4:12 pm #

    That egg on the the tuna nicoise salad looks so delicious. My mouth is watering.

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