2nd Ave Deli

2nd Avenue Deli is a deli in New York City that specializes in Jewish deli food. Hitting up a deli in New York was a must do activity for me since Vancouver just doesn’t have anything quite like them. Although Katz and Carnegie are the most famous delis, I wanted to try something different and break away from the tourist trap type places, which is what lead me to 2nd Ave Deli.

Matzah Ball Soup

Something that has been on my “i want to try” food list for a while is matzah ball soup. Matzah ball soup is a traditional Jewish comfort food chicken soup. The matzah ball was a large dumpling that is made out of matzah meal. It has a slightly chewy texture and a mild taste. The soup was also filled with kasha. I liked the kasha and I preferred it over your typical noodles you would find in a similar soup.

Pastrami Sandwich

I also ordered a pastrami sandwich because you can’t go to a deli without getting an excessively meaty sandwich.

This was the best pastrami sandwich that I have ever had. The meat was perfectly marbled and had a good amount of juicy flavourful fat in it. The meat pulled apart easily and it almost melted in your mouth it was so tender. Paired with the simplicity of the rye bread and a bit of mustard, this was one of my favourite sandwiches I can recall eating.

I would highly recommend 2nd Avenue deli to anyone looking for a great deli and I would definitely encourage you to skip Katz and come here instead. The food was so satisfying and the friendly owner made it a pleasant experience.


Yes, for a great New York deli.

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