Irving Farm Roasters

Irving Farm Roasters is a chain of coffee shops that has locations all over New York City. One of my favourite things to do when I travel is to check out cute local cafes and try their coffee. There was an Irving Farm Roasters relatively close to where I was staying so I went there a couple of times for a coffee. The inside of the cafe is really cute and they have a unique “urban farm” atmosphere.

Soy Cortado

The first drink I tried here was a soy cortado. A cortado is a shot of espresso with a little dollop of milk.

I loved the cute mini mason jar that the cortado was served in. Aside from aesthetics, the cortado tasted good. The espresso was rich and dark with a slightly smokey taste. The touch of soy milk was just enough to cut the bitterness while still allowing the strong taste of espresso to shine. I think I will start ordering cortados more often.


On another visit I had a soy cappuccino. They prepared a dry style cappuccino, which means it was very foamy on top.

Irving Farm Roasters is a nice little cafe that serves some great coffee drinks. If you are looking for a cafe that breaks away from the normal coffee shop atmosphere you should check this place out.


Yes, for a cool cafe that serves great coffee.

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