Amy Ruth’s

Amy Ruth’s is a soul food restaurant located in Harlem. I have never dined at a soul food restaurant before, so I was very excited that I was able to try something new while on vacation in New York.


Every table is served a basket of cornbread to start. This was my favourite corn bread that I have ever eaten. It wasn’t too crumbly and it still had a bit of moisture to it. Make sure you smother it in butter and honey for added deliciousness.

The Rev Al Sharpton

I ordered “the Rev Al Sharpton” ($11.95), which is their name for chicken and waffles. You can choose to have the chicken fried or smothered, but you gotta go for fried to have the full experience.

Both the waffle and the fried chicken were perfectly executed. The fried chicken had a very crisp and lightly coated skin and the dark thigh meat was juicy. The waffle was crisp on the outside and soft, light, and chewy on the inside. If you add a drizzle of syrup over the chicken and waffle it adds the perfect sweetness to the dish.

The Barack Obama

If you aren’t into chicken and waffles they have a bunch of chicken dinners on the menu as well. The Reggie Harris ($14.95) comes with honey dipped fried chicken and two sides of your choice.

This fried chicken was equally as good. The honey coating adds a really nice sweetness that goes well with the chicken.

The chosen sides were cheesy grits and collard greens. I love grits and since you rarely see them on menus in Canada I always get them while in the States. The cheesy grits were smooth and comforting.

I have always wanted to try collard greens, but I have never had the opportunity. These were delicious and tasted much better than I would expect a side of vegetables to taste. The greens had a similar taste to kale or brussel sprouts and the broth they were cooked in (which I believe contained pork fat hence why they were so good) gave them a salty, rich flavour. This is definitely a must try side.

Amy Ruth’s was one of the highlights of my trip to New York and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a soul food experience. The food is delicious and comforting


Yes, for great soul food and chicken and waffles.

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