Donair Town

Donair Town is a donair restaurant located in a little strip mall in Port Moody. They also have several other locations around Metro Vancouver.

I am now working in Port Moody and I have really been missing Doner Kebab, my old go-to donair spot in Kitsilano. I ended up coming here to try to fulfill my donair craving.

Lamb and Falafel Plate

I ordered the chicken and falafel mixed plate ($8). Unfortunately they gave me lamb instead of chicken, but it ended up tasting okay despite the mixup. The lamb was tender and it didn’t have an overly gamey taste to it.

The falafel weren’t very good. They were your typical soggy microwaved version that lack in texture and flavour. I also found a hair in the falafel, which turned me off even more.

The hair in my food combined with my order mixup left me feeling unimpressed with Donair Town. I was kind of sad because I used to like their SFU location, but this location didn’t live up to my expectations.


No, there are better donair places around.

Donair Town on Urbanspoon


Categories: $ (less than $10), Metro Vancouver, Middle Eastern, Port Moody, Tri-Cities


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