Lougheed Wonton Restaurant

Lougheed Wonton Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located in Port Moody. They have dim sum and lunch specials during the day as well as a full dinner menu.

Honestly Chinese food really far out in the suburbs scares me. I have had so many horrible experiences, but I since I work so close to the restaurant I thought I should be open minded and give it a try. The inside of the restaurant isn’t very attractive and it has an outdated and dirty feel to it. I should have seen this as a sign of things to come for the food.

Prawn Congee

I saw congee on the menu and against better judgement decided to try it. The prawn congee was a bit watery and you could only really taste the overwhelming flavour of sesame oil in the dish.

My biggest problem wasn’t with the congee itself, but the prawns in it. I took a bite of one and I was overwhelmed by an overly fishy taste. There is no way that these were fresh and I stopped eating because I was scared of getting sick. Those prawns shouldn’t have been served in a restaurant.

BBQ Pork Rice Rolls

The bbq pork rice rolls were another disappointment. The rice rolls themselves were extremely sticky and really thick. The texture kind of made me gag. The pork inside was pretty dry and flavourless and didn’t really add anything to the dish.

Deep Fried Meat Dumplings

Deep fried meat dumplings are normally one of my favourite items at dim sum, but these were not very that good. One of them tasted okay, but the other two seemed undercooked and had large pieces of doughy batter spilling out the side. The meat filling inside actually tasted fine, but I wish that the outside wasn’t a doughy mess.

Pan Fried Radish Cake

The pan fried radish cake was much bigger than your average portion size, however, it was sloppy looking and falling apart. The radish cake didn’t get fully cooked, so the inside a mucky, soggy mess that was basically inedible.

Siu Mai

The siu mai actually tasted okay. They weren’t great, but at least they were edible. They were pretty greasy, which is why I guess they tasted good. The amount of prawn in the dumpling was pretty skimpy, but the pork meat was very juicy.

I didn’t realize how spoiled I’ve been in the past with great dim sum and congee until I had the horrible food here. You would be better off buying frozen dim sum than eating here because the food was either improperly cooked or not fresh. Learn from my mistakes and don’t ever get dim sum at Lougheed Wonton Restaurant.


No, the dim sum is disgusting.

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One Comment on “Lougheed Wonton Restaurant”

  1. July 1, 2014 at 6:14 pm #

    This sounds so unlike the Lougheed Wonton restaurant I and my husband have enjoyed since we stumbled upon it maybe 10 years ago or so, when it was still located in NorthEast Burnaby, near the Lougheed Highway. We usually go for dinner and get the dinner for 2, maybe with one additional dish, if we’re really hungry. You can choose from a long list on well-prepared and tasty dishes, plus you have a choice of a large turine of “soup of the day” (usually pork-broth base, with lotus root or taro or Chinese herbs along with some meat) or something more familiar to Western tastes. Dinner also comes with a generous amount of steamed rice and desert (mango pudding and red bean soup are the usual choices). The couple of times I’ve gone there for congee, I’ve not been disappointed either. But then, I like the taste of sesame oil! Never had anything that didn’t taste fresh, though.

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