Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located on West Broadway in Kitsilano. They serve all of the typical bento boxes, rice bowls, and sushi that most Japanese restaurants do. The restaurant is pretty large and is very busy, especially during lunch time. I came here for a quick lunch on my break during the week and I got the last spot on the sushi bar.

Temaki Sushi

I ordered the veggie box for my lunch. It came with spinach goma-ae, teriyaki tofu, assorted tempura, and a yam tempura roll.

The spinach goma-ae was really good. It was very saucy, which I liked and it had a strong nutty flavour to it.

The assorted tempura was horrible. Half of the vegetables were undercooked and completely hard in the middle. There were also a few piece that had big clumps of uncooked batter inside. I didn’t even bother eating this.

I also enjoyed the teriyaki tofu. It came lightly fried and drizzled with a sweet teriyaki sauce on top. It was a nice change from the standard chicken teriyaki, which I always gravitate to.

The yam tempura roll was just okay. I have been spoiled now with the amazing yam tempura rolls at Sushi K Kamizato and no other yam tempura rolls even come close to it. The slice of yam inside was a bit too large, so the roll didn’t have as much of a crunch as I would have liked.

My experience at Temaki sushi was just so-so. I enjoyed some items, while others were not that great, but nothing about the experience was that memorable to me. I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip to come here, because there are better sushi places in Vancouver.


No, the food isn’t memorable.

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