The Keg

The Keg is probably the one chain restaurant that pretty much everyone seems to like. You gotta respect a place that always serves a simple, but well executed and high quality meal. I don’t actually go to the Keg that often, so whenever I get the chance to come here I get excited for some delicious meat.

Prime Rib

I ordered the 12 oz prime rib with a baked potato. I’ve never actually had prime rib at the Keg because in the past I would always stick to steaks. This time I wanted to break away from my old favourite, the filet mignon, and try something new.

The prime rib is served bright pink and a perfect medium rare. The meat was incredibly juicy and tender with the perfect amount of fat on it. Every bite was really flavourful and the jus and horseradish on the side were perfect accompaniments.

The side of crispy onions had a nice slightly sweet onion flavour, but I was disappointed that they were actually soggy. I was expecting them to be hot and crispy, but they had a limp texture and they were lukewarm.

I always like to get a baked potato at the Keg. You just can’t go wrong with a potato loaded up with sour cream and bacon.

I’m really glad that I tried the prime rib because it is my new favourite menu item at the Keg. I found the meat to be more tender and flavourful than a steak. Why did I wait so long to try it? If you haven’t tried it before, next time you are at the Keg I would highly recommend it.


Yes, for amazing prime rib.

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Categories: $$$$ (greater than $25), Metro Vancouver, Steakhouse


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