Mancakes Madness

Mancakes is a bakery located in downtown Vancouver that specializes in unique and crazy cupcake flavours. Mancakes has paired up with for a new 2 person dining pass that showcases a variety of their cupcake flavours.

The dining pass consists of the following items:

  1. Your choice of 6 mini ManCakes:,
    • “Bacon Chili Chocoate”, chocolate base, ancho chili chocolate, ganache filling, vanilla buttercream icing, crumbled bacon
    • “Apple Brie”, spice base, sweet apple cider jelly filling, brie buttercream icing, crushed pretzel brittle
    • “Breakfast”, vanilla base, smoked bacon & egg custard filling, maple syrup buttercream icing, crispy granola crunch
    • “Buffalo Wing”, spice base, baked blue cheese cheesecake mousse, hot sauce infused buttercream icing, crispy chicken crumbles
    • “Chocolate Red Wine”, chocolate base, mascarpone mousse filling, port cherry red wine infused buttercream icing, dark chocolate disc with a red wine gelee
    • “King Kong”, chocolate base, banana cream filling, espresso infused marshmallow, chocolate shavings
    • “Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit”, vanilla base, blood orange & pink grapefruit filling, vanilla buttercream icing, french macaroon & ground pink peppercorn
    • “Rum & Coke”, vanilla base, coke cream filling, rum infused buttercream icing, crushed coke, candy topping
    • “Tequila Pineapple”, spice based, pineapple cream filling, tequila infused buttercream icing, toasted coconut shavings
    • “Whiskey Lime”, spice based, whiskey infused chocolate ganache filling, white chocolate lime icing, lime sugar topping
    • (For an extra $6 you can try all 12 of the cupcake flavours).
  2. Your choice of 2 hot beverages below:,
    • “49th Parallel”, medium roast
    • “Death Wish”, the only place in Vancouver to try the world’s STRONGEST dark roast coffee. 200% stronger than any other dark roast on the market!
    • “Teapigs”, hailing from the UK, the tea capital of the world, the only place in Vancouver to get it!


I don’t like super dark coffee, so I was scared to try the deathwish. I just went with the parallel 49th medium roast coffee. They make the coffee using a pour over method, so it takes a few minutes, but it is worth the wait. I enjoyed the coffee and it was the perfect pairing for all of the sweet cupcakes.


The flavours that I would recommend trying are the chocolate red wine, apple brie, breakfast, and the bacon chili chocolate. The chocolate cupcakes themselves were very moist and I really enjoyed them.

They had two feature flavours that were available when I went. The Chicago was a vanilla cake topped with a cheddar cheese icing and caramel popcorn and the Guinness was a chocolate Guinness cake topped with marshmallow and potato chips. I loved both of the feature flavours and they were my top favourites. I have a weird thing for cheese mixed with sweet flavours, so the Chicago was right up my alley. The Guinness one had a really unique flavour that wasn’t very sweet and had a salty crunch from the potato chips.


I wasn’t that into the boozy flavoured cupcakes. While I think wine and beer add great flavour to dishes, I find hard liquor frequently overpowers everything else and I found this to be the case for most of these. If you like boozy flavoured things though, you will probably enjoy them.

The buffalo wing cupcake was interesting and it tasted better than I thought it would. It wasn’t super sweet, so it was more like a muffin with a hint of spicy flavour to it. I enjoyed the mini version, but I don’t think I would want to eat a large one. It is worth trying for the novelty of it if you like eating weird things.

If you are someone who is a bit adventurous and likes to try new things, you should try Mancakes. The Mancakes Madness dining pass is available to purchase on for $9.95.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my dining pass.

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One Comment on “Mancakes Madness”

  1. February 25, 2014 at 11:09 pm #

    Well this place sure looks interesting!! I have never heard of it before, I’ll have to check it out!!!

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